Iris Cohen began her yoga journey 20 years ago when a friend recommended yoga as an antidote to raising three boys and deadline magazine journalism. Her passion translated into extensive study with Elena Brower, Rodney Yee, Colleen Saidman and Ellen Saltonstall.

She founded Be True Yoga studio in 2010 to create a nurturing space to access the transformational power of yoga, meditation and wellness. She now continues that mission in New York and Sag Harbor, teaching classes, one-on-one sessions and themed events. Her love of culture and travel inspires her to host curated retreats, where food, nature and adventure augment the experience, in locales as diverse as Miami, Tulum and an upcoming retreat in the Negev Desert.

Iris aims to share the practice of yoga beyond the postures to include the entirety of holistic living, engaging all the senses to access beauty and nourishment from within. She collaborates with nutritionists for food and yoga events, functional medicine experts such as Dr. Frank Lipman, for detoxing programs, and sound healers for restorative yoga events. Explore and transform is her guiding principle.