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Good enough. I would say it to myself every time I opened my website these past two years. I updated my classes, workshops and retreats, swapped out photos of my prior studio, Be True (ok, most of them). And then four months ago, while on retreat in Costa Rica, I shifted. Good enough was not enough. Elena Brower invited us to explore a photo session with Australian photographer Pete Longworth and I answered YES…

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The Teachings, Not The Teacher

We gathered shoulder-to-shoulder in a circle, the constellation of the Costa Rican sky above, the sand under our feet, a burning fire before us.  The shaman instructed us to blow on a wooden stick and toss it into the fire as an offering to burn our teachers. Burn our teachers?  Images of The Crucible began to dance in my brain.  I love my teachers, even the ones I don’t like…

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